Streamline your payment process
Airtable price calculator

Our objective was to provide our client, an animation studio, with a more efficient and accurate payment calculation system for their dozens of contractors with different hourly rates for 7 types of animation, and varying payment rates based on clip length. We aimed to simplify the payment calculation process and reduce the likelihood of calculation errors.
To achieve this objective, we developed a database and a custom script that enables the client to calculate payment amounts for all their contractors in just one click. Our solution also allows for the editing of payment rate data without affecting already completed jobs, unlike using a formula.

We provided the client with three tables, including one for the selection of animators, specifying the service and duration, and a button for quick calculation. The other two tables contain data that can be easily modified over time. Additionally, we created a separate table for the discounts applied to trailers over 30 seconds in duration.

What have we done?
Our solution allowed the client to streamline their payment calculation process, freeing up valuable time for their managers, who no longer need to manually perform calculations. Moreover, the likelihood of errors in payment calculation has significantly reduced, as the script accurately computes payments based on the data entered. Overall, our solution has provided our client with a more efficient and reliable payment calculation system, leading to increased productivity and accuracy in their animation projects.