HubSpot Implementation
HubSpot is one of the most comprehensive solutions in the CRM market. Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, Operations Hub, and Commerce Hub are unique HubSpot products for the collaborative work of marketing, sales, and customer service departments.
+ 115 %
Clients of Marketing Hub get 115% more leads in six months
+ 78%
+ 154 %
Clients of Marketing + Sales Hub conclude 154% more deals than those using only Sales Hub
Clients of Sales Hub note a 78% increase in the number of closed deals
How HubSpot Helps Your Business Grow:
All Information in One System
Integrate customer data from various sources into one system, ensuring they don't get lost.
Process Automation
Ready-made modules and convenient features exist for creating and populating a site with dynamic content for marketers, automatic lead processing, and personalized email chains for sales.
Quick Implementation
Connecting to HubSpot takes anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the complexity of the company's business processes.
Extensive Integration Possibilities
HubSpot has ready-made integrations with at least 300 other systems: IP telephony, e-commerce platforms, financial services, messengers, cloud chats, analytical software, and more.
Efficient Team Collaboration
Integrated sales, marketing, service, and analytics teams work seamlessly, ensuring each customer follows a precise conversion path.
Effective Analytics
HubSpot allows you to view analytics and manage sales performance and speed. Thanks to integration with the site, you'll see which pages attracted attention, where the lead came from, their depth of viewing, and conversion form. You'll have a convenient form for building forecasts and reports on the number of won, pending, and lost deals.
We Can Help With:
Implementing HubSpot

Conducting an audit of current settings

Support and development

Migrating to HubSpot from other CRMs

Setting up dashboards and reports

Integrating WhatsApp

Training you and your employees to use CRM

Setting up automations and sales-bots
Implementation Stages
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2 Step
3 Step
4 Step
5 Step
6 Step
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