Streamlining Sales: A One-Month CRM Transformation for a Mental Health Company with Kommo (amoCRM)
Company Description
Alquimedez is a telemedicine medical consultant service center specializing in long and short-term care for people with mental health issues, including counseling, medication selection, and psychological assessments for immigration and court purposes.
The head office is in New York City, and client support is in the Dominican Republic.
The company used Hubspot, but this software was unsuitable as it only complicated the process. After a bad experience, the work was only done manually, which was time-consuming.
Unsuitable tech stack
Managers led clients without proper organization (sometimes they did not answer calls, did not confirm appointments, did not call back for several days on the application, etc.), and the processes were difficult to control, leading to the loss of some clients.
Lack of organisation
There were issues with processing requests from the site; orders from the form went into a separate system, which made it difficult to track the results. It was not clear to see whether the request was processed or not. It was necessary to edit the code to add/remove a field from the form.
Inconvenient process
There were problems with customer experience. After filling out the application, clients did not know when they would be called, if they would be called at all, or how long they would have to wait. They also had to print, sign, and scan some medical documents.
Poor customer experience
Automate sales process
Analyzed the sales process and talked to the management and employees.
We found out that the owner, the head of the client managers' department, and the managers themselves saw the processes differently, which created a mess. We needed to find a common denominator, and we managed to do this by building a funnel with clear steps.
Sales Pipeline
Selected and implemented the optimal CRM for the client
Suggested using a ready-made form from JotForm
After analysis, we selected and implemented the optimal CRM for the client: Kommo. This easy-to-use CRM helps to onboard customer support in the Dominican Republic quickly and has a large number of widgets that allow you to implement any functionality in a precise way.
One of the problems we encountered was a self-written application form on WordPress. It was causing the client a lot of difficulties in customization and refinement.
We suggested using a ready-made form from JotForm, which complied with all medical data transfer protocols (HIPAA) and connected directly to Kommo, so a lead would be created for each request in the CRM. With the help of, we set up automation so that all files from the requisition would be at the managers' fingertips (in the lead card).
Implemented the electronic signing of documents
Previously, managers sent patients a PDF file, which they had to print and send a scan back. We implemented the PandaDoc service. It greatly simplifies the process of filling out and signing documents for patients. Now, everything happens online. You can fill documents out and sign them from a desktop or phone.
Implemented automated messaging
to patients at each funnel step
(received request, processed, appointment, etc.)
Trained the team
Ran a few sessions, and answered any questions
Patients are given good service, responded to, and called back; clients are not lost or dropped.
Conversion rates have increased
We were able to reduce the number of routine tasks performed by managers.
Reduced the number of routine tasks
The company has significantly increased the transparency of the sales process, which allows managers to control and analyze. Now, the company makes management decisions based on figures and promptly solves problems related to the loss of customers and other similar issues.
We improved customer experience. Now, patients don't need to print documents. They receive a partially completed form online. The customer must only input the missing data and sign using an online signature. In case of any questions, a manager contacts them and helps them understand everything online. Copies of documents are sent immediately to the patient's email.
Management decisions are based on figures
Patients are not neglected
We continue to work with the client, supporting them in using the CRM system. After the sales team gets used to the innovations, we plan to implement a number of other automations that will improve sales processes and marketing efficiency.
After implementing the system, the sales department reached a new level of productivity. Digitization and automation allowed the manager to see how the team works with customers in real time.

All patient information is in one place.

Teamlead can easily track the number of incoming requests and the status of each patient while not forgetting about them, thanks to the automatic notification of new leads. All this makes the work transparent and understandable.
Automated the sending of service satisfaction messages

Enable automated messaging to determine how satisfied patients are with the service. Algorithm: One - the bot sends a message to the patient. Two - the patient gives a score between 0 and 10. Three - if the score is below 8, the manager contacts the customer and finds the reason.
Increase the rating on Google Maps from 3.8 to 4.5 and eliminate the routine.
Connected notifications about overdue deadlines
Send data to managers about the number of leads with overdue tasks and the number of leads at the "raw" stage that have been there for over a certain amount of time (e.g., 2 hours) or any other specific scenario.
Control overdue leads by monitoring each stage of the funnel according to the maximum deadlines for each stage.
Automated the movement of leads through the funnel by installing the "Triggers" widget
Install and customize an additional widget called "Triggers" that changes the stage of the sales funnel after specialists close tasks.
Automate the movement of leads through the funnel to simplify the work of customer support specialists.
Added prohibition to leave leads without tasks, using the "Platform" widget
Install and customize an additional widget that displays a warning on top of the screen if there are no active tasks in the lead.
Make automation to prevent managers from leaving leads without tasks.
Created and implemented automatic reports and monitoring of managers' performance in Kommo.
Implement automatic reports.
  • Total leads: won, lost, in progress
  • Number of leads per manager: won, lost, in progress
Create a report and monitor the performance of managers in Kommo.
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