Kommo (amoCRM) Implementation
Коmmо(amoCRM) is an automated sales system that scales effortlessly with business growth—everything essential for SMBs, nothing extra, and an ideal solution for sales through messengers.
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You can purchase/renew Kommo licenses with bonuses.
How Kommo Helps Your Business Grow:
All Customers at Your Fingertips
Kommo gathers all customer data in one place, preventing information from getting lost in the flow.
Increased Manager Efficiency
The system reminds managers of calls and sets tasks for sending commercial offers or calculations, making it more efficient to handle incoming requests.
Online Process Control
Kommo's cloud-based CRM system allows you to manage your sales department online from anywhere in the world.
No Lead Loss
100% of contacts, inquiries, and requests go into a unified system that a manager won't take with them after leaving.
Reduced Marketing Expenses
End-to-end analytics helps adjust the budget and leave advertising with the highest ROI.
Access to the Entire Sales Picture
Kommo's main CRM screen is a sales funnel, making it easy to track deal progress, identify slow stages, and improve team sales efficiency.
We Can Help With:
Implementing Kommo

Conducting an audit of current settings

Support and development

Migrating to Kommo from other CRMs

Setting up dashboards and reports

Integrating WhatsApp

Training you and your employees to use CRM

Setting up automations and sales-bots
Implementation Stages
1 Step
2 Step
3 Step
4 Step
5 Step
6 Step
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